If you would like to speak to some of our past clients, please feel free to contact us. We have many that would be happy to talk to you about their experience.

'Doris, words can not express our gratitude for your help with our terrier mix Canon. When we first started training, we did not enjoy having a dog as he was lunging and barking his head of at other dogs on walks, growling and snapping at the groomer and people coming to the house. Now, we both love training with him and are thrilled with all the progress he has made. Thank you for seeing all his potential & helping us see it, too.' Katy & Thomas Barr, Charlotte NC

Aggressive Dog Training Charlotte NC

Lilly is a lab mix that we adopted from a farm knowing that she has dog aggression. We were referred to Doris through our vet and are so glad we found her. From the first time we met her, she has had wonderful advice and techniques to modify Lilly’s behavior. Since we have been working with Doris, Lilly’s aggression has subsided, she is able to walk on a loose leash, and we are knowledgeable in techniques to distract her while in the midst of others dogs. Doris has helped us develop an even stronger bond with our dog and be proud to walk her down the street. We would highly recommend Doris to anyone who is looking for a quality dog trainer. Jenna Michael, Belmont NC

Separation Anxiety Training Charlotte

I would recommend K9 Boot-Camp to anyone. My dog Waylon is strong Malinois and he had very bad separation anxiety, Doris has helped him overcome it and I have seen MAJOR improvement. Me and Waylon have a stronger bond than ever. Thank you K9 Boot-Camp! Cody Osteen, Belmont NC

Advanced Obedience Training Charlotte

'I had the laundry list of problems before we started K9-BootCamp.  I thought my puppy was a bad apple.  He never listened, he jumped, barked at everything and everyone, chewed furniture, etc, etc, etc.  I thought he was un-trainable since he is a Shiba Inu.  Literally one session in I saw changes and potential.  We went through a beginner class and an intermediate class.  Yoshi has grown and matured and is a totally different dog then when we started.  I’m not going to say I trust him all of the time and I’m not going to say he doesn’t have any bad behaviors but he is much better and we are learning and growing together.  None of that is possible without Doris.  Thanks so much.' Matt Newman, Charlotte NC

Samoyed Dog Training

'Doris was extremely patient with our crazy dog. Poa, a Samoyed, seemed to annoy other trainers because he wouldn't "get" other methods and was a high energy dog with the love of barking. Training in our home helped Poa learn much more quickly and applicably to our routines. Doris made the training easy and personal to Poa, who seemed like a lost cause. He's already grown so much in the time we've worked with Doris.' Megan & Brandon Gielow, Charlotte NC

Therapy Dog Training in Charlotte NC

'Doris is a phenomenal trainer. She is gentle and patient and knows how to train a dog with nothing but positive reinforcement. My Golden Retriever is sweet but somewhat unfocused when it comes to training. I learned a lot about what she can actually learn if I am consistent and patient. She is much more polite when visitors come now. She also pays more attention to me when I am asking something of her.' Judy Wagner, Charlotte NC

Fearful Dog Training in Charlotte NC

'We are very pleased with the training that Bella received from Doris. The instructions were simple and effective and we could see the impact of some drills almost immediately. Doris provided us with the tools needed to help Bella become more confident and happier dog.' Cynthia Williams, Huntersville NC

Denver Puppy Training

I have enjoyed Doris working with Mimi & I, because she gave me the view of a dog’s understanding and behavior. I can always find someone to train my dog, but Doris taught me dog, how to read her. She is so quick to see the behavior in both us and give positive correction. I also loved to see her enthusiasm when she could see the “thought process” as she would comment with a smile, “I love see the wheels turning in a dog’s mind”. I feel she has a great intuition in knowing what the dog is saying and what their needs are. Patience is her key with both owner & dog. Mimi, a white Standard Poodle & I loved her!! I wish we could spend so much more time in learning about Mimi’s personality traits. Thank you so much, Doris!! Robin Ezekiel, Denver NC

Huntersville Puppy Training

'We'd like to thank Doris for coaching us on how to train and properly interact with our Doberman puppy Ceasar. Our first 6-week training session was a great experience and we love the positive reinforcement and training method that really made improvements on Ceasar's behavior. Doris is a very professional, highly organized and edicated trainer. We would recommend K9-BootCamp to anyone without hesitation.' Loekman Family, Huntersville NC

Fearful Dog Rehabilitation

'Cady was a very timid dog, with little interaction with humans or training as we rescued her form a hoarding situation. She's still working out of timidness, but definitely she is more confident, and trusting of us. Doris brought this out. One of many things she was afraid of, was the car and Cady would not go near it. After 1 week, Doris had her jump in the car all on her own! We knew Cady was in the right hands, when she got so excited to welcome Doris in the front door.' Tom & Mary Williams, Charlotte, NC

Puppy Training In Charlotte NC

'Doris is great! You can tell when somebody is a dog lover! Frida, our labradoodle, immediately fell in love with her, so much whenever Doris left the house after a session, she started to cry and kept waiting for her to come back to the door...I think the best way to teach a dog is by being affectionate, but keep discipline at the same time, and Doris has taught me to do this...all the training was great and Frida is learning quickly. Besides all the training, we loved all the suggestions about house training and kids/adult behavior with a dog. We just love Doris!!' Claudia Resendez, Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC Dog Training

We have had a great experience with Doris over the last six weeks!  Her work with our terrier mix Charlie has significantly improved his potty training and manners.  He no longer pulls on the leash and follows commands well.  We really enjoyed having classes designed specifically for us.  Charlie has loved working with Doris and her puppy Yukon! Renee Price, Charlotte NC

Puppy Classes Charlotte NC

Rosie could not wait to see Doris each week! Our goal was to establish a basic training foundation for our 4-month old Bernese Mountain Dog, and in 8 short weeks we accomplished that and more. Doris is punctual, organized, knowledgeable and straightforward which allowed us to make the most of each session. She helped us understand our dog’s behavior and taught us how to respond accordingly. She offers thoughtful homework assignments and general support to sustain the progress.  Second to our pup, Doris was the best investment we made! Johanna & Randy Newman, Charlotte NC

Puppy Training in Charlotte NC

Doris is by far the best trainer in Charlotte! I interviewed 5 or 6 trainers before deciding on her to train my puppy. At the time Taylor was 6 weeks old and now she just turned 4. Doris not only completed her puppy training but also her obedience training and some specialty training which is led Taylor to be an incredible service dog for me. I would never recommend another trainer in the Charlotte area. Doris is simply the best. Period. Darryl Savage, Charlotte NC

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