Drop your dog off and we'll do all the work for you! Unlike many dog board and train facilities, I do not take more than one to two client dogs in for training at a time. Your dog will stay with me in my smoke free home! That means your dog gets tons of loving attention. This training can take place when you plan to travel, or just to give you a break from your current routine. Your pup will get the fundamentals in manners and basic obedience or puppy training and return ready to follow your leadership. Your dog won’t be stressed and lonely in some separate “kennel”, but with me day and night, learning to behave in a real home environment, giving him the best dog training possible.

After the agreed time with me in BootCamp, I will bring home your dog. When I bring home your pup not only will you be pleased to meet your newly educated dog, but to complete the training. You will learn how to train and maintain the dogs’ commands. The longer your dog spends with us, the sooner he is reliable and the less work there is for you! We do have a 50 lbs weight limit.

We can customize the below programs and amount of days to your dog needs. We guarantee you the best possible results!


Dog Boot Camp in Charlotte NC


“Dream Dog” 

10 Day BootCamp

  •  5 commands (Sit, Down, Place, Loose-Leash-Walking, Come)
  • "Real Life Application” at residency
  • 1 In-Home Follow-Up Lesson

 Bonus Values!

  • Training photos of your dog on K9-BootCamp FB Page
  • Training Diploma

Lifetime Support Guarantee

“Amazing Dog” 

15 Day BootCamp

  • 7 commands (Sit, Down, Wait, Place, Leave-It, Loose-Leash-Walking, Come)
  • Waiting politely at Doors
  • Waiting politely for Food
  • “Real Life Application” at residency & higher distraction areas
  • 2 In-Home Follow-Up Lesson

Bonus Values!

  • Training photos of your dog on K9-BootCamp Facebook Page
  • Training Diploma
  • Personalized Training DVD of your dog!
  • Free Freedom Harness - (A $30 Value and in the color of your choice!)

Lifetime Support Guarantee

Email us about your dog! We can't wait to hear from you!