Teaching Your Dog Emergency Downs!

I wanted to share a quick story:
I came home the other day from a ‘Chuck-It and Frisbee- Play’ with my 4 yr old Border Collie. I pulled up into my driveway, parked, got out and went around the back, opened the tailgate and told him to ‘WAIT’. He diligently followed my orders. He did not have a leash on him while he was in the car (I always take them off in case they can get tangled). I then gave him his Release command ‘That’ll Do’ and that is what he did, he jumped out of the car while I grabbed the leash. First he ran in the direction of my front door but suddenly made a beeline towards the street.
I immediately knew that there was something there he didn’t like as he was barking as he was running. I’m sure my heart probably skipped a couple of beats!
Border Collie Dog Training
I immediately yelled ‘DOWN!’ and he lied down right at the edge of my property! I ran over to him and put his leash on, realizing at that point that there was a dog tied up in the front of the house across the street. A dog that has charged Yukon twice in the past and that he is afraid of! I also realized that a few seconds after leashing my dog up, a car came flying by!
Ok, we as trainers are not always perfect. We are all just human and make mistakes. Should Yukon have been, as the law states, on the leash? Yes! Could this have been avoided? Yes! But again, I’m only human.
But: it was a PERFECT emergency down and kept him out of trouble and alive! I am so glad we practiced this a lot while playing in the front yard since he was a pup!!!
If you want to watch how I practiced it when he was still a puppy, please feel free to watch this video of Boundary Training (and more):
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