Sadly We Are No Longer Accpeting Clients Due to Relocating to Germany!

Is your dog pulling on the leash?

Are you fed up with his out of control behavior?

Do you just need puppy training?

Do you dream of having a dog who listens better?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.  Our Certified Dog Trainer and Dog Behavior Modification Training Instructor can help! YES, even YOUR DOG! Imagine having a dog who doesn't pull on the leash, jump on friends or strangers, doesn't bolt out the door, chew, or run away! Imagine your dog listening, with or without a treat! K9-BootCamp offers Obedience Training and Puppy Training in Charlotte NC and we use Force Free Dog Training only! We can customize our dog training programs to YOUR dogs needs and we will offer a lifetime support guarantee on all of them.

Email us and tell us about your dog! We can't wait to hear from you!

Charlotte NC Obedience Training

What Clients say About Us

'We had the most amazing experience with K9-BootCamp and Doris!! We had tried several different training techniques with different trainers in the past and had not had much luck with any of them. One of the types of training we had tried focused on dominance training and corrections, and it really worsened our puppy's behavior, even making her more aggressive at times. So we were really interested in Doris' training techniques since she focuses on positive reinforcement and does not use any type of punishment to train. Before K9-BootCamp our puppy did not listen. She would sometimes do things like sit, but would not wait to exit a room, pulled on the leash, would not come when called, jumped on people, and nipped at hands and feet. After spending 15 days with Doris our puppy (who is now a 1 year old French Bulldog) has come back a new dog! She has learned so many commands, and Doris spent so much time teaching us how to continue teaching the commands to her. We also got a DVD and handouts with refreshers on how to do the commands. We absolutely loved Doris and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their dog's behaviors.' Mike & Jen Woodward, Charlotte NC

Our Mission:

K9-BootCamp dog training in Charlotte NC is owned and operated by Doris Anderson and offers professional dog training services by a certified dog trainer. We offer Dog Boot Camp or also known as Dog Board and Train in Charlotte and strive to provide the best dog obedience training in Charlotte possible for you and your dog. Treating your dog with respect and love! We are also recommended by local veterinarians.

Our innovative methods and understanding of the dogs’ mind has made K9-BootCamp a driving force in the evolution of dog training. We believe that every dog deserves to be trained in a humane way, force free, without pain and intimidation.  We do NOT use shock (also known as e-collars, stim, vibration or tens unit), prong or choke collars! Creating a happy and balanced relationship between you and your dog for the rest of your dogs' life.

We are certified, licensed and insured.

If you encounter any of the following Behavior
Problems with your dog, 
K9-BootCamp can help!

Guarding Items from You
Coprophagia (Stool Eating)
Pulling on the Leash
Puppy Nipping and Biting
Fear of People
Jumping on People
Chasing Bikes, Cars or Skateboards
and more...